Aphorism 77

§ 77

Those diseases are inappropriately named chronic, which persons incur
who expose themselves continually to avoidable noxious influences,
who are in the habit of indulging in injurious liquors or aliments, are addicted to dissipation of many kinds which undermine the health,
who undergo prolonged abstinence from things that are necessary for the support of life,
who reside in unhealthy localities, especially marshy districts,
who are housed in cellars or other confined dwellings,
who are deprived of exercise or of open air,
who ruin their health by overexertion of body or mind,
who live in a constant state of worry, etc.

These states of ill-health, which persons bring upon themselves, disappear spontaneously, provided no chronic miasm lurks in the body, under an improved mode of living, and they cannot be called chronic diseases.

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