BHMS Syllabus 2nd Year

BHMS Syllabus 2nd Year – in 3 sections:


Hahnemann’s Organon of Medicine Aphorism: 1 to 145

The purpose of Homoeopathic case taking is not merely collection of symptoms but comprehending the PERSON IN WIDER DIMENSIONS with the correct appreciation of the factors responsible for the genesis and maintenance of illness i.e. Fundamental Cause, PREDISPOSING CAUSE, MAINTAINING CAUSE & ONE SIDED DISEASES.

There should be compulsory case taking term for each student wherein he learns to ‘build up PORTRAIT of the disease by undertaking:-

  1. Evolutionary study of the patient comprising of well defined characteristics.
  2. Studying individual in His life-span and in relation to his family environment and work.
  3. Processing of the interview and the entire case so as to grasp the principles of MANAGEMENT of these patients.

He should be taught to classify various symptoms which he has elicited in his case taking. He puts down his evaluation of those characteristics. His capacity for analysis and synthesis should evolve. In appendix, Analytical paper for symptom classification and Evaluation is attached. If practiced properly, has potential to improve analytical faculty of the student.

Physician, Teaching Staff, R.M.O. and House Staff shall spend enough time with the students and interns and scrutiny of their written cases, discussing mode of interview and processing of the case.

There should be standardization in imparting training in ANALYSIS AND EVALUATION. Each Institute shall keep the standard guide lines of Case taking.


  1. (To individualize the case so as to prepare an effective totality which allows us to arrive at the Similimum, prognosis the case, and advise management and impose necessary restrictions on mode of life and diet.
  2. To infer about state susceptibility by appreciating the quality of characteristics state of susceptibility and diagnosis about miasmatic state would allow physician to formulate comprehensive plan of treatment.
  3. Order of evaluation of the characteristics, of the case would become stepping stone for the reportorial totality.

(iii) CLASSIFICATION OF SYMPTOMS: Their scopes and limitations in arriving as a totality.

Symptom should not be considered superficially at its face value. It should be analyzed and evaluated by taking into account following factors

  1. Through grasp over the underlying dynamics. (Psychological, Physiological, Pathological aspects).
  2. This would demand through comprehension over the evolution of DISEASE, taking into account FUNDAMENTAL, EXCITING & MAINTAINING CAUSES..
  3. Knowledge of socio-cultural background is quite imperative for correct analysis and evaluation. Details regarding SYMPTOMATOLOGY can be comprehended by referring to the classical books in philosophy.

The Department of Organon & Philosophy while training in Case Taking shall co-ordinate with various other departments where student is sent for the pre-clinical and clinical training. This would ensure not only streamlining of the clinical Centres but also cultivate Homoeopathic perspective when student is attending other special clinics.


  1. Student’s performance shall be evaluated periodically. There shall be periodical card tests and internal (theory and practical) examinations in each-academic year. The concerned teaching staff shall file his general report on the conduct of internal examinations and also on student’s performance, which shall be discussed in departmental and interdepartmental meetings.
  2. Each student appearing for II and III BHMS shall maintain one journal comprising of 20 cases (10 short and 10 long cases) with complete processing of the case material for each examination, which shall be evaluated by the head of the department.
  3. There shall be provisions for the internal assessment of all these examinations and journal work in the Final II and III BHMS examinations respectively.

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