BHMS Syllabus 4th Year

Here the focus is on applied aspect of Organon & Philosophy. Maximum emphasis shall be given on practice oriented teaching of Organon and Philosophy.

This can be effectively achieved by studying the various cases taken by students in OPD & IPD.

Case analysis, evaluation and synthesis takes into account the application of entire ORGANON from Aphorism 1 to 294 and all principles of Philosophy as illustrated in I, II, III BHMS.

More emphasis to be given on case taking, case analysis, evolution, posology miasmatic diagnosis, potency selection and repetition of doses, second prescription, diet, regimen and other pressures with principle of management during OPD and IPD visits, so that the students can have the practical knowledge of the treatment and management of the patient.

The following topics shall be taught during IV BHMS in depth:-

  1. History of Medicine.
  2. History of Homoeopathy, its spread to different countries.
  3. Life and living environment.
  4. Concepts of health and factors modifying it.
  5. Concept of susceptibility and vital reaction.
  6. Concept of disease and totality of symptoms.
  7. Concepts of Drug, Medicine and remedy.
  8. Concept of Cure and Disease and Drug relationship.
  9. Scope and limitations of different modes of employing medicines in disease Antipathy, Allopathy and Homoeopathy.
  10. Various methods of classification and evaluations of symptoms common and characteristic General and particular.
  11. Concepts of incurable disease, suppression and palliation.
  12. Prophylactics.
  13. Scope and limitations of Homoeopathy.
  14. Remedy response, prognosis after administration of a remedy.
  15. Principles and criteria for repetition and selection of potency.

Paper I Topics from 1-15
Paper II Topics from Kent’s lectures, Stuart close and Roberts Philosophy, Case taking at beside.

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