MD Homeopathy Syllabus


(i)Hahnemannian concepts of Homoeopathy (Principles and Practice)

A deep understanding of the subjects is essential for making a critical and analytical appreciation and analytical appreciation and evaluation of it. This attempt has to be made by resources and references to all relevant writings of Hahnemanann on the subject.

(ii)Homoeopathic Philosophy

A study of the interpretations and views of the stalwarts in Homoeopathy like Kent, Stuart Close, H.A. Robert, J.H. Allien, Dunham and Richard Hughes on Hahnemannian concepts and fundamentals of Homoeopathy is essential. It also aims making a comparative study of various philosophies with a view to bring out relative merit of the individual contribution to the Hahnemannian concepts of Homoeopathy.

(iii)Practice of Homoeopathy in Medicine.
(iv)Practice of Homoeopathy in Surgery, Obstetrics and Gynecology.

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