Outline by Julian Winston

OUTLINE OF THE ORGANON of Samuel Hahnemann : This outline was prepared by Julian Winston for the students of the Wellington College of Homeopathy (2001). It was printed in the USA in Homeopathy Today.

1-9: Basic postulates about disease and what Healing is about.
10-18: The concept of vital force and its relation to disease
19-21: The need for provings (determine the nature of medicine)
22-27: The principle of similars
28-29: HOW IT WORKS (attempt) rewritten in the 6th.
30-69: Lays out the philosophy of the system
70: Summary of all that has been said so far
72-81: Acute and Chronic diseases
82-104: CASETAKING (how to elicit the information)
105-120: The effects of the remedies
121-142: Conducting provings
143-145: The formation of the materia medica
146-171: The application of the medicine to the disease
172-184: one sided cases
185-203: local diseases
204-209: Introduction to the treatment of chronic disease
210-230: mental diseases
231-244: intermittent diseases
245-263: how to use the remedies
264-271: the medicines
272-279: administering the remedies
280-to end: more on dosages and allied practices (mesmerism, baths, etc.)

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