Outline of the Organon of Medicine

The book begins with a preface by the author on the subject, with table of contents and a vast introduction to the subject, the philosophy and the presentation of how Homeopathy comes into presence as a method of practice in the medical profession.

The fifth edition of the Organon of Medicine is split into “Aphorisms”, numbered 1 to 294.

Theoretical part: The doctrine of Homoeopathy is discussed in the first seventy aphorisms, often referred to as the theoretical part.

The mission of Physician and Highest Ideal of cure. Aphorisms 1 & 2
Requisite knowledge of a physician. Aphorisms 3 & 4
Knowledge of disease. Aphorisms 5-18
Knowledge of drugs. Aphorisms 19-21
Application of drug knowledge to disease. Aphorisms 22-27
Knowledge of choice of remedy, different modes of treatment, superiority of homoeopathic therapeutics. Aphorisms 28 to 70

Practical part: Aphorisms 71 to 294 are known as the practical part.

Three points, which are necessary for curing. Aphorism 71
Classification of disease. Aphorisms 72-80
Case Taking: recording of patient data. Aphorisms 83-104
Knowledge of medicinal power, curative power and drug proving. Aphorisms 105-145
Proving of drugs
Most suitable method of employing medicine to a patient. Aphorisms 146-261
Allied support during treatment, diet in acute diseases. Aphorisms 262-263
Preparation of medicines. Aphorisms 267-269
Administration of medicines. Aphorisms 271-292
Mesmerism. Aphorisms 293-294

Outline by Julian Winston

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Organon of medicine