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    • Thanks Dr Archana visiting Organon of Medicine website. I am sure this site would be helpful to homeopathic students and homeopathic doctors.

      Warm regards.

  1. Sir its a great help for the homoeopathy fraternity & a real sign of progress as you started a good website which not only clears the concepts of organon but also make conversative . Thanks for the medium excepcting soon to get a materia medica guide also….

    • Thanks Dr Sunand for your encouraging words.

      You are right, I just wanted to have one platform where each aphorism of organon of medicine can be discussed separately. During my college days I did cut each aphorism from the book and did paste on a separate sheet of paper, but could not do much on it after passing my BHMS in 1989.

      Last month, I was just reading Organon Book, and the old idea to have an interactive platform born, and I started working on it.

      I wanted to have the launch of this work on 10th of April this year on the occasion of Hahnemann’s Birthday , but was late technically….

      Well, it is not late, if this website on aphorisms on Organon of Medicine helps budding homeopaths and students of homeopathy.

      Thanks & warm regards.

      • Sir,
        I must congratulate you for the efforts made.It must have consumed lot of your time and energy.I respect your efforts.

        It will be an interesting platform to understand organon.

        • Thanks Dr Amita, and I am sure we’ll get more feedback and suggestions from you.
          Warm regards.

  2. first of all thank you sir for such a collective work by you ,much informative as well as clear one with various authentic opinion. i think david littles articles are also good one which should b added if possible.

    • Dear Dr. Shashank,

      I must thank you for visiting this small website on Organon of Medicine and for your kind words.

      Thanks for suggesting David Little’s articles to add here. I would go through his scholarly work in homeopathy and would see how we can highlight best points aphorism wise.

      Please keep writing your opinions and views here about this site.

      Warm regards.

  3. Thanks for the info and for the wonderful website. Its especially good for the comments below each aphorism.

    Do you know any book by Rima Handley, where she elaborates on the prescribing techniques of Dr.Hahnemann in his final years of practice. As his cases are not available in English.

    I wanted to read more on the ‘miasmatic prescribing’ of Dr.Hahnemann through his actual cases, as I have read chronic disease many times where he says to start with sulphur and other anti-miasmatic medicines.

    • Dear Dr. Sourabh,

      Thanks for your kind words for Organon of Medicine – Homeopathic Philosophy Interactive Platform.

      Please read “In Search of the Later Hahnemann” by Rima Handley, published in 1997, First Edition.

      Warm regards.

    • There are two main books written “In Search of the Later HAHNEMANN”and “The Homeopathic Love story” in both of these books Rima Handley has described the mode of Dr.Hahnemanns practice during his stay in Paris.both the books are interesting and If you read them carefully ,they may shake your homeopathic foundations and dogmas.THANKS.
      Tahir M Awan.

  4. I must thank sir for compiling extracts of philosophy and focused meaning. Many times we read in books and probably we remember also but when we observe it in day today app we start thinking on it. And that what we require today . thank you sir for spreading awareness. Regards.

    • Thanks a lot Dr. Sarita ji for such nice and encouraging words. We are still working on to improve it further.
      We are sure we would get more of your feedback and views in future.
      Warm regards.

  5. सर,आर्गेनन आफ मेडिसिन हिन्दी में उपलब्ध कराइये,अर्थ और विवरण सहित ।
    धन्यवाद ?

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